Peniuk's Sportfishing - World Famous Tyee Pool

Spectacular Fishing Adventure with one of Finest Guides in the business

You will be touching on a lot of history when Brant takes you into the fabulous world of Tyee fishing.

Tyee Fishing

“The Tyee Club of British Columbia began in 1924 with a group of anglers who returned to Campbell River each year in pursuit of the elusive “Tyee” – a coastal Indian word meaning, “the chief”, a Chinook salmon, 30 pounds or larger. Tyee fishing here is different. You’ll fish quietly in small, classic row boats. No motors are allowed in the Tyee pool. Brant is a master and he will position you and moneuver you into and through the currents and eddies of the pool. It will be the absolute thrill of a lifetime if you hook into a Tyee. If the fish is boated, and weighs 30 pounds or more, the catch is recorded and the angler becomes a member of the Tyee Club!”
Call Brant today and enter this magical , challenging world of fishing for a Tyee in the world famous TYEE POOL!

When your Tyee fishing day is over we can help you arrange the processing of your fish including Canning, vacuum packing, smoking etc and shipping right to your desired destination.

Tyee Fishing
Tyee Fishing - Join the Tyee Club